Hollywood Corps Community Center

| | January 14, 2019

July 5, 2024 @ 8:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone
Hollywood Community Center
5939 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 337-1654

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities


We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic volunteer coaches who are interested in teaching youth sports. Our program goal is to create a positive environment that promotes self-confidence and self-esteem through the experiences we provide. The program is dedicated to providing all youth with the highest quality of recreation and educational experiences for boys and girls ages 6 to 12 years-old.

This is a great place to gain experience working with children, improve communication and people skills. High school and college students can volunteer to receive service learning for their school.


Help keep kids on track in school! We need tutors for K-7 students in all subjects including writing skills, reading, math and science. All learning materials, both printed and digital, are provided. Tutoring hours are Monday–Friday, 3–7PM.


Volunteers can work any time during operational hours. Volunteers will assist customer service attendants, walk around program areas, greet members, answer questions, and make sure child safety guidelines are being followed. The Salvation Army wants to provide a safe environment for our community.


Volunteers can work any time during operational hours. Volunteers will assist customers and guests by directing them to their class or answering questions.


Volunteers will assist in various duties in our Social Services Office.

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2 Responses to “Hollywood Corps Community Center”

  1. Hello! I just wrote an email that perhaps will show itself to be to this same address, asking if my group of 3 adults and 19 tenth graders from Denmark could volunteer our time at this event. We are visiting Los Angeles as part of our service learning and recently had a cancellation in our schedule. This looks like a great opportunity for us to plug in and have some fun with other youth. I very much look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, Brenda Petersen

    • CALENDARADMIN on January 14, 2020 @ 10:01 am

      Hi Brenda,

      I apologize for the late reply, as we have been having issues with accessing comments on this site. Since this is an ongoing volunteer opportunity, I am unsure if your group will be able to volunteer for just one day. However, you can call the contact for this opportunity at (323) 337-1654 for more information. We at Big Sunday also have a volunteer event at 10 AM on Thursday, Jan. 16. Please click here for more info:https://bigsunday.org/get-involved/tm10/

      Thank you!
      Big Sunday

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